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Aayushi Gurung

Aayushi Gurung is from Kurseong, a small town in Darjeeling hills. She’s currently freelancing as a graphic designer and illustrator. She is a fibre artist and a plant enthusiast and is always travelling for work. Between 2016-2019, she has worked with many different NGOs concerning women and children. She developed an interest in photography in her teens when she found her Baba's old film camera. She hasn't stopped taking pictures ever since. Later, she ventured more into digitally editing, retouching and manipulation.

Work and Leisure in Times of Corona


During the lockdown, I’ve tried to observe and understand women inside the household and those outside. What I’ve noticed is a constant dichotomy in privilege. The very idea of leisure is alien to one class of women, whereas women with considerable socio-economic capital tend to enjoy far more time and space for activities unrelated to work.  


Through mundane images of women in private and public spaces, this series tries to juxtapose the class divide by manifesting them as transcendental visions.

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