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Ashenath Haokip

Ashenath (Nengpichong) hails from Chahsat Avenue in Imphal, Manipur. She considered herself a dilettante most parts of her life but is now starting to develop a real enthusiasm for the arts. She completed her B.A in  Literature from Miranda House, University of Delhi.   

Reinventing Décor with Junk


This picture series is about my friend who uses DIY to transform discarded materials into decor items. She mostly recycles household wastes. Her creativity and eco-consciousness show how junk can be reinvented into useful and beautiful objects. 


There are two ideas in this series that are particularly relevant for the times we are living in. The first is how during the COVID-19 lockdown, women have been finding new ways to occupy their time and space. These activities, like my friend’s DIY, are not only recreational but also a way of extending their individuality within the domestic. Secondly, the pandemic has highlighted the importance of sustainability, forcing us to rethink how participatory action is the need of the hour. Even something as simple as recycling waste into home decor can help tackle the issue, while also challenging the idea of materialism in a highly capitalistic world. 

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