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WLTC Photo Stories

Bhaotina Mushahary

Bhaotina Mushahary is the Co-Founder and Managing Trustee of the Action for Inclusion and Empowerment Trust (AIET). AIET works towards promoting rights for persons with disability, focusing especially on women.  


Following her experience as the Community Researcher of WLTC from Kokrajhar, Bhaotina says--"What we found out during this documentation project is that women, persons with disability, and children are most adversely affected due to this pandemic. People in the area are mostly concerned about ration, medicine and transportation. They strongly believe that if the government authorities take an interest, these issues can be mitigated. For instance, their transportation woes will go if the government can provide even one vehicle from the village to the town and back so as to be able to access banking and medical facilities.”

Kiruni Muchahary (50) is from Bwigriguri, Kokrajhar. She lives with her daughter, son and husband.


Since Kiruni's husband does not work, she is the only earning member of the family. Both her children are with disabilities. During the lockdown, Kiruni received some rice from the government, but hardly enough to feed her entire family. They’ve been surviving on rice, dal and potatoes provided as relief material by certain organisations and individuals. 


In these photographs, Kiruni is seen cooking potato curry and jackfruit, which she picked from a roadside tree.

Photo series co-ordinated by Banamallika Choudhury of Women’s Leadership Training Centre (WLTC) and Sampurna Das a doctoral student at the Department of Sociology, Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi. 


WLTC is a feminist organisation based in Assam, working towards gender and social equality. It focuses on enhancing women’s capacities and creating space and opportunity for women (cis and trans) to take decision-making and leadership positions within families, communities, in governance and politics.

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