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Bibhusha Rai

Bibhusha is from Gorabari in Darjeeling. She is currently pursuing an MA in English Literature from Lady Sri Ram College, University of Delhi. She has recently begun developing an interest in photography and loves the way people weave varied narratives through pictures.

People have been saying that the pandemic has brought time to a standstill. But I disagree. For me, it’s the measurement of time that has momentarily suspended. Time is still here—flitting as the past, expectant as the future, slipping as the present.


When the COVID-19 pandemic began I was in Delhi absolutely terrified. Luckily I was able to return home right before the lockdown was announced. This unexpected period has bought a lot of disruptions but also awareness. For now, I am taking it one day at a time, thankful for whatever good comes my way. These pictures capture mundane moments that I am immensely grateful for.

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