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Through Her Lens

Through Her Lens: Conversations on Reframing the Domestic is a webinar series curated to engage with the issues of present challenges — the lockdown, the collapse of the ‘public’ and the ‘private’ space, the merging of paid, unpaid work, etc. and photographers navigating their own domestic space and documenting intimate relations. This makes it a deeply personal work for anyone and the act of photography acquires new meaning. The distance between the documentarian and the subject, between the storyteller and the story has evidently collapsed. 


To further delve into dialogue and experiences with feminists and queer researchers, activists and photographers in Northeast India, Zubaan Publishers in collaboration with Sikkim based curators, Mridu Rai and Anushya Pradhan, hopes to further engage with the question of the impact of a global pandemic and lockdown on communities in the Northeast.

Photo by Sristi Sharma

Ethics and Consent in Photography: Issues and Challenges in Capturing  Private Lives and Intimate settings

Dolly Kikon
Bunu Dhungana 
Mansi Thapliyal

Theory and Practice:
Informing Photography with Feminist Methodologies 

Sheba Chhachhi
Agastaya Thapa
Dipti Tamang

Complex Frames:
Representation and Archiving through Photography  

Junisha Khongwir
NayanTara Gurung Kakshapati
Prashansa Gurung

Alternative Art Spaces:
Curating Marginalised Voices on Digital Platforms  

Dayanita Singh
Pema Abrahams
Mridu Rai

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