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Junisha Khongwir

Junisha is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mass Media, St. Anthony’s College, Shillong and teaches Live Studio Productions. She is a part of the working committee of the Northeast India AV Archive. When she is not teaching, she picks up photography projects and enjoys that journey by telling stories of the people she encounters.

Ha Por Ba Wan Ka Khlam (The Time of the Pandemic)


The pandemic has opened up a whole new, yet familiar backdrop of self speculation through my lens. The images chronicle the mundane setting around my own domestic space, featuring my family of six members and the choices I make to freeze moments for eternity. They have been created alongside many thoughts running through my restless mind during the lockdown appending my state of mind, my political stance, my privileges, my body image, my space, my relationships, my priorities, my future and how we would turn out after all this is over.

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