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Kumam Davidson

Kumam Davidson is a lecturer and Co-Editor at The Wari Initiative. He is also Zubaan-Sasakawa Peace Foundation Grantee 2019 and Artist in Residence Mental Health Design 2020. He is the Co-founder of The Chinky Homo Project and a PhD Scholar at JNU. His writings have been published in Firstpost, Scroll, In Plainspeak, Homegrown, Indian Women Blog, Feminism in India, Gaysi, Thumb Print, Gaylaxy Magazine, Yendai among others. He prefers writing on paper and photographs mostly in monochrome, but rarely publish.

A woman's life story and experience are best told in her own words and worldview and through her lens. I can never possibly tell the story of the woman in the series as "authentically" as she would have wanted it to be. 

The series is tainted with my perspectives and the nature of technology and media but also blended with my queer feminist ethos. But when sharing a domestic space during the lockdown, the proximity, interactions, contestations and solidarity are interplayed more than ever. After all, a domestic space is filled with gendered roles, hierarchies and markers in obvious or inconspicuous ways to which she succumbs to, challenges or is indifferent to including the absent-present figure of the patriarch(s). 

Her everyday life presents various facets of her struggles, triumphs and failures; from filling the water tank to recycling plastic bottles for gardening, having breakfast alone sitting on the carpet and doing the dishes. These despite her fragile, aged body with wrinkled skin, flabby muscles, broken teeth, knee and calf pain and hearing difficulty. The series is an attempted tribute to a woman and many women out there whose lives are mostly unheard, unseen, silenced or oppressed.

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