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Nisha Chhetri 

Nisha is 20-years-old and is currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in English Literature in Kolkata. She likes to spend her time observing people but also is prone to spacing out. 

As I scrolled through the photo gallery on my phone, I realised that I had only taken pictures of my cats during the lockdown. To work with more human subjects, I created this series, which somehow reminds me of that comical scene from the 2005 film adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice where Mrs Bennet and her daughters are languorously lying around in their sofas and seats, one warm afternoon.


Although this vague parallel between the Bennets and us doesn’t seem too imaginable at first, in retrospect it makes me conscious and grateful for the privilege we have been blessed with, to lounge around, read a book and live to breathe the warm afternoon air during this unfortunate time when many are barely surviving. 

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