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Purabi Bhattacharya

Purabi has had two collections of poetry published by the Writers Workshop, Kolkata. She hails from Shillong and is married to a journalist currently working in Ahmedabad. She now lives and works in Ahmedabad.

Anna: Food


A few weeks ago, we saw this family selling idols and antique pieces on the outskirts of Gandhinagar, Gujarat. There were two things that caught my eye. The first was a woman cooking leftovers in the open. The privacy of domesticity is an expensive dream for many. 


The second was a poster hanging on one of the idols, which read in Gujarati, 


khawa maate anna nathi, madat karo. Jai Hind! Jai Bharat! 

(no food to eat, please help!Hail Hind! Hail Bharat!)


The family was deprived of its livelihood as the lockdown made it impossible for them to sell their wares. They said that on most days they had been surviving only on water. 


With help from friends and colleagues, we managed to help the family.

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