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Rinzing Ongmu Sherpa

Rinzing is a research scholar of sociology at the Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. She is a resident of Pelling, Sikkim. Her interest areas include gender studies, identity, ethnicity and Himalayan studies. 

It was the third of May when I decided to disregard the lockdown and step out of the house. Of course, I had the luxury to do so given that I hail from a small town in Sikkim where nature wraps most part of the land and you meet very few people outside. 


The pandemic has brought in concerns and anxieties. But it has also made me appreciate things that I never did before. It has helped me connect with my surroundings, to nature, to everything that I normally took for granted. Most importantly, it has helped me forge a deeper connection with my own self. As I walked along the green countryside, I felt like a different person amidst the freshness and the newness—teasing the roses, cherry blossoms and lilies. As I looked up to spot a singing bird, I revelled in the view of a clear blue sky. I had almost forgotten its the middle of spring. It seemed surreal! Empty roads with few people passing by bearing the kindest of smiles and dogs innocently roaming about, wagging their tails. Ahhh!It definitely had been a while since I paused to be grateful for the little things around me. 


The lockdown has made me realise that I must take a break from time to time and enjoy the wonders of everyday life. 

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