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Sheela Bantawa Rai

Sheela’s first encounter with photographs was the black and white prints that her father had taken during his travels. These images continue to fascinate her even today. She started photography when she was still in school and uses it as a medium of self-expression. Sheela has won several photography contests and is interested in nature, documentary and fashion photography. 

In the turmoil of our busy lives, we tend to let slip the simple experiences of our lives.


For me, the COVID-19 lockdown has been a time to deepen my bond with my mother. Ever since I can remember, my mother has been nurturing a small tea garden at our home in Samdong, East Sikkim. In the current situation, while the tea garden has kept my mother occupied, it has allowed me to witness the process, right from plucking the tea leaves to savouring the aroma of freshly brewed tea. 


This journey of capturing my mother’s love for cultivating tea has also been about finding solace during uncertain periods and about bonding through the simple things in life.


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