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Sradha Tamang

Sradha is a 21-year-old photographer from Kalimpong. She is currently pursuing her Bachelors in Mass Communication and Journalism from Salesian College, Siliguri. She believes photography acts as a tool for her to visually represent what she feels within. Her inspiration for making images comes from her imagination as she considers photography a way to escape from reality.

In Photography I Found My Escape


When the lockdown was first announced, I didn't think it would affect me much and that I was going to be fine. But as time passed and the lockdown continued to extend, anxiety started to sneak in. With each passing day, it started to get more and more difficult for me. Amidst all the internal chaos, I turned to the one thing that gives me most comfort--photography. I started by taking a few pictures at home and gradually I started to feel better. Everything around me even started to seem more interesting. A few days into this routine, I remember waking up with excitement at the possibility of taking photographs, and my anxiety waning. 

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